UK: Preparation for Falmouth Harbour Dredging Moves Ahead

Preparation for Falmouth Harbour Dredging Moves Ahead

This is Cornwall reports that preparation for attempts to dredge and develop Falmouth harbour will end up costing about £1 million.

So far, Falmouth Harbour Commissioners, one of the partners of the Falmouth Development Initiative, has spent £700,000.

Colin Jarvis, of Cornwall Development Company said: “It just shows the level of commitment and manpower that’s gone into getting through this process.“

The Marine Management Organisation is considering an application for a trial dredge to establish whether there is a significant impact on maerl, a slow-growing red seaweed, in the Special Area of Conservation (SAC) around the docks.

Natural England’s view is it cannot be touched in any way even though dredging only affects 2 per cent of the total maerl in the estuary,” said Mr Jarvis.


Dredging Today Staff, June 1, 2012; Image: falmouthport