Israel: ICL to Purchase New Dredger

ICL to Purchase New Dredger

Israel Chemicals Ltd. (ICL) will announce within a month the purchase of the first dredger for salt harvesting, according to the Globes.

Five US and European companies will take part in the tender for the procurement of this dredging machine.

Immediately after receiving the dredger, Israel Chemicals’ Mashivim division will commence the salt harvesting program.

The dredger and its ancillary equipment, which will cost USD 50 mln, is due for delivery in early 2015, reports the Globes.

Regarding this issue, the Mashivim director Noam Goldstein, said: “We’re well prepared for the project, and we’ll meet the timetable and budget for it.”

About ICL

ICL is one of the world’s leading fertilizer and specialty chemical companies. With exclusive concessions to extract high quality, low cost minerals from Israel’s Dead Sea and rights to mine the Negev Desert, ICL is a major producer of potash, compound potash and phosphate fertilizers, food grade phosphoric acid, elemental bromine, magnesium and a major player in specialty chemical high margin niche markets.


Dredging Today Staff, January 30, 2013