Komatsu Presents PW118MR-8 Excavator at Bauma 2013 (Germany)

Komatsu Presents PW118MR-8 Excavator at Bauma 2013

Introduced in 2011, the PW118MR-8 wheeled excavator was designed at the Komatsu European Technical Centre in Hanover and is the result of a synergy between a joint team of Japanese and European researchers who integrate the most advanced technology from Japan into machines that match the specific requirements of the European market.

Manufactured by Komatsu Utility Europe in Este, Italy, a factory that builds and distributes under 12 tonnes Komatsu machines worldwide, this Komatsu excavator has an engine power of 72 kW (ISO 14396) and an operating weight of 12,305 kg . The detailed design of the PW118MR-8 ensures outstanding versatility and great mobility in confined work spaces.

Thanks to a small turning radius and compact size, it’s an ideal machine for road construction and urban job sites.

Among other features, it is equipped with an ecot3 engine meeting EU Stage IIIA regulations, with auto idling, with an ECO-gauge and with 5 different working modes.

The electronically controlled common-rail injection was carefully designed to optimize productivity, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

The hydraulic closed centre load sensing system (CLSS) provides power, speed and perfect control of all combined movements.

The PW118MR-8 excavator offers more versatility and first class Komatsu comfort.

In small and tight spaces, the sliding door allows easy entry and exit to and from a spacious cabin.

The double slide mechanism of the seat and Pressure Proportional Control (PPC) levers lets them be adjusted conveniently in an optimal position, for maximum productivity and minimal fatigue.

The PPC joysticks are also characterized by a high grip and short stroke, and their smooth proportional thumb switches offer improved versatility and controllability, for added precision with less finger fatigue when working with attachments.

The automatic air conditioning system is ideal in any season; the structure of the ROPS cab conforms to the latest ISO regulations, the cab windows offer 360 degrees visibility and the wide opening roof top and side and rear view mirrors help to provide increased safety for the operator and the people working around the machine.

To broaden the range of possible applications, the oil flow of the auxiliary circuit is controlled on a large screen LCD monitor featuring intuitive buttons easily accessible and controllable by the operator.

Maximum oil flow can be set according to the specific needs of the attachment in use. A second auxiliary line, available on request, is also controlled by a lever switch to allow maximum flexibility and controllability to an even wider range of attachments.

The PW118MR-8 has 3 standard steering modes and can be customised with 2 arm lengths, with blade and outriggers, and with several auxiliary circuits for a wide range of attachments.

The PW118MR-8 is equipped with the latest version of KOMTRAX™, Komatsu’s exclusive satellite monitoring system.

Machine data, including location, performance, fuel consumption and maintenance requirements, is easily accessible over the internet.

Owners or fleet managers are informed of the machine’s operational status, without having to attend the site in person. KOMTRAX™ can be configured to send an email to a designated person, for instance when the machine shows a caution alert or if it is activated during an engine lock period.

The PW118MR-8 was developed drawing on Komatsu’s extensive experience with excavators.

All the proven high tech features of Komatsu’s larger hydraulic excavators are integrated in the PW118 and are perfectly matched to the requirements of Utility applications.

Genuine Komatsu components were used to guarantee maximum reliability and quality. Their extremely compact dimensions, excellent stability, a swing boom and a short front and rear protrusion combine to give the PW118MR-8 a unique versatility, manoeuvrability and safety on any job site.


Press Release, February 6, 2013