Philippines: President Highlights Significant Accomplishments in Pampanga

President Highlights Significant Accomplishments in Pampanga

President Benigno Aquino III on Friday highlighted some of the significant accomplishments of his administration in Pampanga under the Tuwid na daan (Straight path) battle cry.

He disclosed that an end to perennial problem of flooding shall soon be realized through commencement of projects that will strengthen the dike system and slope protection to ensure the safety of Pampanga and Bulacan communities.

This is part of the P5 billion Flood Management Master Plan that will rehabilitate the San Fernando-Sto. Tomas-Minalin tail dike as well as the Del Carmen-Balimbing creek.

Around P2.956 billion has likewise been allocated for the “Integrated Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation Measures in low-lying areas of Pampanga Bay.”

The first component of the project is the dredging of more than 32-kilometer rivers of Pampanga to prevent them from overflowing during rainy seasons while the second part is the elevation of flood prone areas and the transfer of schools to safer grounds to protect the structures from ravages of floodwaters.


Press Release, March 5, 2013