CCCC Posts 2012 Annual Results (China)

CCCC Posts 2012 Annual Results

On March 27, CCCC held a release conference for 2012 annual business report.

Present were Chairman Zhou Jichang, Executive Director & CFO Fu Junyuan and Chief Economic Engineer & Board Secretary Liu Wensheng.

In 2012, with a focus on improving business quality, CCCC stepped up business restructuring, implemented the strategy of “great overseas operations”, pressed ahead with the development of investment operations, enhanced core competitiveness and anti-risk capability, and made remarkable achievements in all work. According to the business report (subject to the domestic accounting standards), in 2012, the company achieved operating revenues of 296.227 billion yuan, up 0.3 percent year on year; an operating profit of 14.902 billion yuan, up 14.5 percent year on year; a net profit of 11.95 billion yuan attributable to the parent company’s shareholders and an EPS of 0.75 yuan.

At the conference, the corporate leaders answered questions from analysts and investors, introduced the dividend payout scheme for 2012, exchanged ideas with the attendees on their key concerns including the actualities of investment operations, capital expenditure budgeting and cash flow, and undertook to continue seizing opportunities to further intensify market development, adjust the mode of growth, strengthen management and improve the quality of economic operation, thus promoting the continuous and stable growth of the company’s overall business performance.

The conference has drawn wide attention from the capital market, produced good effects and further enhanced the company’s favorable image in the international capital market.


Press Release, April 3, 2013