USA: DEQ Approves Application for St. Joseph River Dredging Permit

DEQ Approves Application for St. Joseph River Dredging Permit

The state Department of Environmental Quality has approved Berrien County’s application for a five-year permit to dredge areas of the St. Joseph River, reports heraldpalladium.

The proposed dredge area is located on the St. Joseph River and the Morrison Channel, between the Wayne Street bridge and the Napier Avenue bridge in Saint Joseph, Berrien County, Michigan and the project  applicant proposes to dredge up to 56,843 cubic yards of sediment over a two year period, then up to 15,000 cubic yards annually for the next three years.

The maximum amount of material dredged over the five year permit would be 101,843 cubic yards.

Dredging would occur via mechanical and hydraulic methods, and dredge material would be stored in one of several upland disposal sites.

The area proposed for dredging is 17,701 feet long and 40 to 50 feet wide, and dredging would extend to a depth of 8 feet below the Low Water Datum elevation of 577.5 feet (IGLD 85).

The purpose of the proposed work is to remove sediment impeding recreational boat traffic.


Dredging Today Staff, April 24, 2013; Image:EPA