Green Groups Hypocritical on Abbot Point Terminal Proposal (Australia)

Green Groups Hypocritical on Abbot Point Terminal Proposal

Green groups’ claims about future development at Abbot Point coal port reveal their hypocrisy and determination to oppose any and every development to the detriment of the Queensland economy and Queenslanders.

The Australian Marine Conservation Society’s depiction of proposed expansion of Abbot Point as a ‘mega-port’ was misleading, Deputy Premier and Minister for State Development, Infrastructure and Planning Jeff Seeney said today.

“This Government has significantly scaled back Labor’s real ‘mega-port’ plans, but that reality is conveniently ignored by green groups’ intent on opposing everything,” Mr Seeney said.

“Where were most of these concerned greens when Labor’s plans for coal terminals stretching from T4 to T9 were on the table?

“To a large extent they were silent – not prepared to criticise their political allies and fellow travellers.

“Labor’s massive, unrealistic, expansion plans were met with, at most, muted criticism.

“They planned an expansion to ten coal terminals with a huge new multi-cargo loading facility with berths for 12 ships, requiring dredging of 40 million cubic metres of the sea bed.

“In contrast, our government moved quickly to take this huge and irresponsible proposal for Abbot Point off the table.

“We have put a stop to it and will approve only a balanced, incremental increase in coal shipping from Abbot Point.

“On top of this, the Newman Government’s draft Great Barrier Reef Ports Strategy is consistent with UNESCO’s recommendations that port development be constrained to existing port areas.

“These extremist groups should recognise the reality – that the Newman Government’s proposal is a tiny fraction of what Labor put on the table – instead of scaremongering with their misleading claims.”


Press Release, May 21, 2013