Pluit Dam Dredging Program Announced (Indonesia)

Pluit Dam Dredging Program Announced

Jakarta Public Works Department has announced a plan for the Pluit Dam dredging program.

According to, the officials plan to dredge about 200 thousand cubic of sediment from the mentioned area.

Regarding this cleanup plan, Jakarta Deputy Governor, Basuki T Purnama, stated: “Sediment dredging in Pluit Dam will not be enough to restore the dam’s depth and width to its ideal size. But, we better start early than do nothing. We should at least make progress.

Dredging on the west side of Pluit Dam will be prioritized, said Basuki.

We could not dredge the east side just yet because there are 1,400 houses there. We’re worried that if the area is dredged, it will incur casualties,” he concluded.


Dredging Today Staff, May 28, 2013