USA: Congressman Discusses Great Lakes Major Infrastructure Projects

Congressman Discusses Great Lakes Major Infrastructure Projects

U.S. Congressman Sean Duffy (WI-07) met with local port leaders to discuss major infrastructure projects currently underway.

This meeting also gave both the Congressman and the other attendees an opportunity to address up-coming and potential legislation. Following their meeting, Rep. Duffy toured the John G. Munson Freighter. Rep. Duffy as well as some of the meeting attendees offered the following comments on the visit:

Jobs remain the number one issue on all of our minds. It was great to hear about the significant infrastructure projects that will be an economic boon for our area and ensure that the ports remain a viable economic engine for the Great Lakes region and our country as a whole.”

“We appreciate the Congressman’s commitment to this region, particularly to issues impacting the Port of Duluth-Superior,” said Jason Serck, Superior’s planning and port director who also serves as president of the Wisconsin Commercial Ports Association.Congressman Duffy continues to work with us on legislation to ensure full use of the Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund for its intended purpose each year. He helped in the fight to harmonize state and federal ballast water regulations and remains responsive to the needs of the Great Lakes maritime industry.

Fred Shusterich, President of Midwest Energy Resources Company added, “I came away from our meeting feeling upbeat that Congressman Duffy would work diligently on our (Wisconsin’s maritime community) behalf in securing an equitable share of federal funding going forward to adequately address Great Lakes dredging and infrastructure needs.”

Rep. Duffy continued, “The dredging in the Great Lakes is a priority issue. It is important that our waters remain navigable for cargo ships and freighters. I will also keep a close eye on legislation that will enable companies to fully utilize vessels to make shipping as efficient and effective as possible.” As the day concluded, Rep. Duffy summed it up saying, “the ports give the rest of the world the most direct access to the vast resources in the Great Lakes region. We need to make sure that never changes.”


Press Release, July 15, 2013