Boustany Promotes RAMP Act Benefits to VP Biden (USA)

Boustany Promotes RAMP Act Benefits to VP Biden

Congressman Charles W. Boustany, Jr., M.D., (R-South Louisiana) issued the following statement after Vice President Joe Biden attended a ceremony yesterday at the Port of Baltimore discussing the need to invest in America’s waterway infrastructure:

I am pleased Vice President Biden acknowledged the crucial need to invest in America’s waterway infrastructure. Earlier today, he voiced the importance of proper and necessary maintenance of our nation’s ports and harbors while touring the Port of Baltimore. As many in the maritime industry can attest, the Port of Baltimore is no different than any other port across the nation in its need for funding, not only for expansion purposes, but for basic dredging maintenance.

“As the sponsor of the Realizing America’s Maritime Promise (RAMP) Act, I recognize the critical need to fully allocate funding to keep America’s ports and harbors competitive. This bipartisan legislation guarantees funds collected on imports at ports within the United States by the Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund are used for the sole purpose of dredging and maintaining the nation’s waterways. These funds play a pivotal role in ensuring our country remains a global leader in trade. With over 95% of the world’s consumers living outside the United States, exports are crucial to supporting the nation’s economy and to create jobs.

“Louisiana serves as a driver of American commerce due to its intricate waterway system. The Pelican State ranked 7th in the United States with almost $55 billion of exports sent from its ports and harbors in 2011. Yet, funds for the most basic of services such as dredging ports and harbors remain elusive. The RAMP Act ensures money collected for the maintenance of America’s waterways is used for that intended purpose. Protecting America’s waterways transcends partisan bickering. Unless we do something to keep these drivers of economic growth operating at peak efficiency, American competitiveness will suffer globally.


Press Release, September 10, 2013