The Netherlands: Van Heck Introduces “Sea Trophy”

Van Heck Introduces Sea Trophy

Van Heck is world renowned for its water management systems ideally suited to the maritime and dredging industries, and with its latest innovation they have created the potential to eliminate one of the largest and most damaging risks to both the economy and the environment; all wrapped up in a tiny 150mm by 630mm package.

The Sea Trophy is the first and only pump of its kind in the world, being capable of quickly and cleanly removing oil at a rate of 70m3/hr at 100cS. It’s small dimensions, allows it to enter through the systems in a ship’s existing piping, requiring very little preparation. Thus eliminating the need to begin welding and cutting before pumping. This fast oil recovery system has the capacity to completely eradicate any risk to the environment from oil spills.

The Sea Trophy encompasses the company’s commitment to the environment, as well as its client’s reputations. It is an innovation that is set to be the most invaluable tool for ship owners, salvors, coastguards and emergency first responders, as well as the oil companies and maritime contractors whose involvement in any kind of environmental disaster could spell a significant financial loss as well as irreparable damage to its company image. Alongside this, the Sea Trophy is also the answer to new, upcoming shipping regulations such as the ‘Polar Code’ and ‘Green Shipping’ policies.

Van Heck

The pump is already available for rental and development continues to widen its usability and increase its effectiveness in different applications. Van Heck is in the process of marketing this little gem of a device and it is extremely positive about its potential success. The speed and ease at which the Sea Trophy can be used with its small size and large capacity is something that the global maritime and offshore industry has never seen before.

The Sea Trophy is already deserving of its name and to be the company behind the device that saves the worlds oceans from oil spills is an accolade that is well within Van Heck’s reach. And, as the Sea Trophy’s own slogan suggests, ‘There is a world to win’.

About Van Heck

Van Heck started in 1964 as a one man operation to build and develop reliable pumps and services to the dredging industry. Driven by innovation and its good reputation the company expanded into the offshore industry boom of the 1980’s and her expertise grew as she tackled the challenges set by this specialists market.

The innovation hasn’t stopped and Van Heck continues to grow, offering its customers specialised, tailor-made engineering and advice. Van Heck provides pumps and ballast systems, siphon systems and pipe work with fittings as a complete package. Anything from engineering and calculations to manufacture and construction.

Van Heck.

The company works within its domestic market of The Netherlands, Belgium and North Germany. However as much as 50 per cent of its business is acquired from around the globe and is continuously expanding into the countries, wherever the market takes them. Van Heck is also focused on investing in the new offshore wind farm projects that are beginning to take shape in the North Sea and its surrounding seas.

The company enjoys a strong relationship with some of the major players in the market including the larger dredging firms such as Jan de Nul, Boskalis, Van Oord and DEME Group as well as renowned salvors Svitzer and SMIT. Relationships which in some cases date back to the 1960’s.


Press Release, October 11, 2013

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