NCDOT Conducts Second Pile Test at Bonner Bridge (USA)

NCDOT Conducts Second Pile Test at Bonner Bridge

N.C. Department of Transportation engineers today are analyzing the data gathered yesterday from underwater surveys and the first of two pile tests to evaluate the overall effectiveness of the sand placed in the area where erosion occurred at the Bonner Bridge.

Carolina Bridge Company Inc. is conducting a second pile test today that also will be used in the evaluation. Once engineers are able to analyze all the data and fully assess the bridge’s safety, the department will determine the best path forward for reopening the bridge.

According to NCDOT Division 1 Engineer Jerry Jennings, the timeframe for reopening the bridge could be within about a week or up to 90 days, depending on the findings of the assessment and timeline for repairs.

Approximately 30,000 cubic yards of sand were pumped during the weekend from the main navigation channel of the Oregon Inlet to the location at Bent 166 underneath the Bonner Bridge where scour, or the erosion of sand from bridge pilings, caused NCDOT to close the bridge on Tuesday, Dec. 3.


Press Release, December 13, 2013