ACP Proposal to Jointly Contribute USD 283 M to New Locks Project

ACP Proposal to Jointly Contribute USD 283 M to New Locks Project

To the best interest of each of the parties involved and abiding by the contract, the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) issued a proposal to the contractor of the new locks, Grupo Unidos por El Canal S.A. (GUPC), for the joint contribution of $283 million to the project by the contractor and ACP.

This contribution would allow to regularly continuing the works while the claims are resolved under the mechanisms established within the contract.

ACP has forward a proposal to advance $100 million to GUPC under the mechanisms included in the contract to allow the contractor to tend to its pending obligations. The contractor must guarantee these funds through a letter of credit. In addition, ACP is willing to extend for a period of two months the moratorium for the repayment of $83 million in advances by GUPC. These would give an additional $83 million for GUPC.

The ACP proposal totals $283 million.

On the other hand, GUPC must commit to pay $100 million to be used for the project.

The $283 million must be deposited in an account to pay the contractor and subcontractors. The payments will be done against milestones and deliverables by GUPC. One of these includes the shipment to Panama of the four lock gates that should have arrived in November and of which ACP has paid 75%.

Furthermore, the consortium must rehire the workers needed and cancel the notification of intent to suspend the works.


Press Release, January 7, 2014