Belgium: Ackermans & van Haaren Increases Number of Shares

Ackermans & van Haaren Issues Redemption of Shares

Ackermans & van Haaren NV has announced its “Redemption of Shares” regular update.

They have concluded a liquidity contract with Kepler Cheuvreux to improve the liquidity of the AvH-share.

In the framework of this liquidity programme, Kepler Cheuvreux has in the period from Februay 17, 2014 until February 22, 2014 acquired a total of 4,202 shares on NYSE Euronext Brussels. In accordance with the Royal Decree of January 30, 2001, the table below does not provide an overview of any sales of own shares during this period.

Ackermans & van Haaren

Ackermans & van Haaren currently holds 362,108 own shares, i.e. 1.08% of the total shares outstanding.


AvH Announces Redemption of Shares


February 25, 2014