LG Sound: Successful Demonstration of MPC-Buoy (Poland)

Successful Demonstration of MPC-Buoy

Algal blooms located in water surfaces is a common problem which is encountered by many professionals in the water industry. High algae levels often result in a deterioration of the water quality and bad odor.

In order to provide an environmentally friendly solution to prevent the growth of blue-green algae, the Dutch company LG Sound initiated a successful project with the new MPC-Buoy in the Skrzyneckie Male lake (10.7 ha) in Poznan, Poland.

As part of the Clearwater project, two MPC-Buoys were installed in the Skrzyneckie Male lake (10.7 ha) in Poznan, Poland. The MPC-Buoys provided a complete overview of the water quality by collecting the following parameters every 10 minutes: Chlorophyll (green algae), Phycocyanin (blue-green algae), pH, TSS, Dissolved Oxygen and the temperature.

The project showed that the ultrasound treatment needs to be adjusted according to the type of algae and other parameters in the water, to perform at its highest efficiency.

This is the reason that a RTD consortium partner in Greece has cultured different types of algae and treated them with different ultrasound frequencies. As a result a database has been created which is incorporated in the system of the MPC-Buoy.

Furthermore, the project showed a difference in the algae levels between the lake with the installed MPC-buoys and several similar other lakes in the surrounding. For example, the level of cyanobaterial (blue-green algae) cells in the Kórnickie Lake, which is located in the same area as Skrzyneckie Male Lake, was nine times higher compared to the lake in which the MPC-Buoys were installed.

The local inhabitants also noticed visual improvement in water quality, they stated that the water in the lake has become cleaner and no algae scum occurred after the deployment of the two MPC-Buoys.


Press Release, May 27, 2014