SonarWiz Now Supports EdgeTech Real-Time Bathymetry Systems

SonarWiz Now Supports EdgeTech Real-Time Bathymetry Systems

Chesapeake Technology Inc. (CTI), a world leader in real-time acquisition and GIS based processing software for seafloor mapping, has announced a major advance to its flagship software SonarWiz processing with the addition of a Real-Time Acquisition Server for the EdgeTech 4600 and recently introduced EdgeTech 6205 interferometric bathymetry systems.

The EdgeTech bathymetry systems are unique in the industry offering advanced wide swath bathymetry with no nadir gap and true co-registered dual frequency side scan sonar.

SonarWiz now not only offers data processing for the EdgeTech interferometric bathymetric data, but the ability to collect and map real-time bathy data along with the side scan data. It opens a whole new simpler way to collect and visualize the data in real-time.

SonarWiz is the software that has streamlined the processing and acquisition of sidescan sonar, sub-bottom profiler and magnetometer data and now includes new bathymetric processing capabilities. This allows users to bring together, in one unified GIS workspace, all the data from these different geophysical sensors. SonarWiz Bathy gives the user all the tools required to edit the bathymetric data, etc. and to produce high resolution depth maps.

By integrating the processed bathymetry data with sidescan data, 3D sidescan sonar mosaics can be generated giving a whole new visual dimension to seafloor data.


Press Release, June 26, 2014