Senator LaValle Against the Long Island Plan

Senator Ken LaValle has called on the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and EPA to stop what he described as an “ill-conceived” plan to dump dredge spoils in Long Island Sound.

Throughout my tenure as State Senator, I have worked to put in place policies and programs to protect this vitally important resource,” said Senator LaValle.

This year alone, we secured $5 million towards clean water studies and initiatives across Long Island. To dump dredge spoils from potentially contaminated sites would do irreparable harm to Long Island Sound.

There have been numerous studies that collectively demonstrate pollution, overfishing, and contaminated dredge material disposal have eroded the health of the Sound over time, thereby reducing its resilience capacity to deal with additional ecological stressors.

According to Senator LaValle, USACE and EPA need to discontinue their attempt to implement this plan.