Environmentalists Call for More Dredging of Hudson River

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A coalition of environmental groups, including the Natural Resources Defense Council, Riverkeeper, Scenic Hudson, and the Sierra Club, Thursday filed a petition to the U.S. EPA asking General Electric to conduct additional PCB dredging in the Hudson River.

The petitioners are claiming that GE would leave behind more PCB contaminants in the Hudson River than it was originally estimated back in 2005.

The GE carried out dredging operations in the Upper Hudson in an effort to remove sediments laden with the PCBs that it had dumped into the river for decades.

In October of 2015, GE announced that it had completed the dredging program, which EPA declared a success, and on November 12, 2015, EPA approved the decommissioning of the dewatering facility and other critical infrastructure that had supported the dredging operations.