IADC Presents the Latest Issue of Terra et Aqua

IADC photo
IADC photo

The International Association of Dredging Companies (IADC) has introduced the latest issue of Terra et Aqua, their official quarterly publication.

The magazine is supported solely by the IADC as a service to the world-wide dredging community and represents IADC’s commitment to the highest standards of professional conduct.

IADC is the global umbrella organisation for contractors in the private dredging industry. As such IADC is dedicated to not only promoting the skills, integrity and reliability of its members, but also the dredging industry in general. IADC has over one hundred main and associated members.

Together they represent the forefront of the dredging industry.

The articles in this Terra et Aqua:

Geotextile tube applications for construction of the longest sea-crossing bridge in Vietnam


Geotextile tubes were indispensable in the bridge building works of the Lach Huyen Port Project. About 27 km of the material was utilized to construct the containment bund of the 620,000 m3 dredged sediment containment facilities.

Modelling the effect of water depth on rock cutting processes with the use of discrete element method


Efficient rock cutting is still a challenge in the dredging industry. A new method that takes into account the effect of water depth could refine rock cutting processes.

Fair contract conditions and competition


FIDIC Conditions of Contract books are essential to the dredging industry. There is a whole suite of contracts for stakeholders to choose from to suit their needs. Discover when and why these contracts were made.


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