Next Stage of the River Parrett Dredging Underway

The next stage of maintenance dredging on the Somerset Levels, designed to prevent future flooding in the area, is in full swing now.

The new dredging will take place along the 750m long section of the Parrett River downstream of Northmoor Pumping Station.

The scheme is being managed and run jointly by the Somerset Rivers Authority (SRA) and the Environment Agency. The agency awarded the new dredging contract to Galliford Try, Black & Veatch and Land & Water, the companies who successfully completed 8km dredge of the Parrett and Tone back in 2014.

According to the SRA notice, the project will mostly be done from floating platforms, although 150m will have to be dredged from the riverside.

Some of the equipment to be used for the works include a 45-tonne excavator with a reach of 22 meters, tug boat for pushing and pulling hopper barges loaded with silt by machines placed on floating pontoons, other excavators and trucks, etc.

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