Damen Shoalbuster for SMIT Amandla Marine

Damen photo
Damen photo

The second of two Damen Shoalbuster 3009 multi-purpose workboats for SMIT Amandla Marine has been named in a ceremony at Damen Shipyards Cape Town, South Africa.

Named the Aogatoa, the vessel is the second of two shoalbusters 3009 ordered by SMIT Amandla Marine for the De Beers contract and built at Damen Shipyards Cape Town (DSCT).

The first, the Aukwatowa, was delivered in December 2015.

The shoalbuster range of multi-purpose, shallow draught workboats is designed for all types of operations in inland and coastal waters.

The 30-meter 3009S has a bollard pull of 24.5 tonnes and is fitted with a crane with a lifting capacity of up to 1.7 tonnes.

These new vessels will carry out supply and support work for the De Beers Group’s offshore diamond mining activities out of Port Nolloth in the Northern Cape.

With the shallow waters of the port making it accessible only to vessels with draughts of 2.8 meters or less, the minimal draught of the shoalbuster was an important factor in SMIT Amandla selecting the class.

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