Hogansburg Dam Removal Plan Includes Dredging

Demolition of one dam and construction of a temporary one to control the flow of the Salmon River started today in Hogansburg, according to the Press-Republican.

The St. Regis Mohawk Tribe began lowering the water level at the State Route 37 site last week for decommissioning of the dam, which has stood in the community since 1929.

The Sediment Management Plan developed for this dam removal combines three approaches:

  • Dredging sediments;
  • Stabilizing shorelines to prevent excessive erosion;
  • Allowing the natural passing of sediments.

After removal, the river will take time to recover its natural condition.

This project has taken great lengths to prevent overwhelming the river system during the removal process.

The timing of the removal is designed to reduce impacts to game fish spawning activities. Starting in summer months also allows for shoreline stabilization when flows are naturally low.

Short-term impacts are expected and these conditions will improve from year to year.

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