Mud Cat ROV Operating in Singapore

Ellicott Dredge Technologies (EDT) has announced the successful start up and installation of a state-of-the-art Mud Cat brand ROV (remote operated vehicle) at the world famous Gardens by the Bay nature park in central Singapore.

ML Trading International purchased a Mud Cat Model SRD-6EHV ROV System to fulfill a contract to clean approximately 3,000 m³ of sludge in 2 km of the Marina Gardens outlet drain tunnel which runs parallel to Marina Gardens Drive, the main access road to Gardens by the Bay.

“ML Trading’s custom Mud Cat ROV and compact detwatering system, co-designed by Mud Cat and AMW Systems, sets the benchmark for cost effective storm water drain cleaning in close quarters urban environments,” said Ryan Horton, EDT Vice President.

The ROV along with ancillary equipment: hose reel, power cable reel, and 480 V generator set are in modular forms for easy transportation and launching via truck mounted crane.

The ROV’s pump is capable of pumping the sludge at a flow rate of 400gpm (25 lps).

The pump system on this particular ROV will operate underground up to 800 ft. (244m) linear feet up to 50 ft. (15m) depth. The system had two control options:

  • covered control station w/video monitor;
  • hand-held remote control for movement on the go around the job site.

The Heavy Sediment Separator (HSS) dewatering system was designed by Eng. Chua Yew Hin of AMW Systems in Singapore.

The system consists of two settling / separating tanks and a food grade polymer injection system. The system was able to fit in a narrow road next to the ROV operation.

The semi-dry solids are removed by vacuum truck and the clear effluent was returned to the storm drain.