VIDEO: Multipurpose Watermaster on Display

Aquamec Ltd, a Finland-based company that manufactures the Watermaster – a multipurpose solution for work in shallow water – has just released a new video which shows the capabilities and applications of the versatile Watermaster dredger.

The multipurpose Watermaster is used worldwide for deepening shallow waterways to keep them operational, cleaning urban canals to prevent floods, removing invasive vegetation, maintaining industrial ponds and it is also utilized in piling and other construction projects in shallow waters.

Watermaster has a wide selection of quickly changeable attachments, including a Cutter Pump, a 600 liters bucket, a Rake and a vibratory pile driver. It does the work of several separate single-purpose units without external help.

Watermaster is amphibious and can “walk” using its stabilizers and excavator arm and thus it does not need a crane for entering or exiting the water.

The self-propelled machine anchors using its own four stabilizers and operates without wire-cables and assisting vessels.