Waterking Wins Patent Lawsuit Against Remu

Waterking, a Dutch company involved in the production of amphibious excavators, has won a patent lawsuit against the Finnish company Remu Oy.

On January 17 last, the The Hague Court of Appeal confirmed the 2013 judgment of the District Court: Remu’s patent on amphibious working machines with breadth-adjustable undercarriage is invalid. Waterking is awarded its full legal fees in excess of €100.000.

Jakob Knoop, Waterking’s General Director, said: “We were confident from the start that we would prevail in this case. We are happy that the Court confirms that Remu’s patent should not have been granted. This decision confirms that we are free to sell our machines.”

“Not only we are the winner of this fight, also our clients are. It is now crystal clear for them that our products do not infringe Remu’s patent. We are delighted that we can now leave this dispute behind and devote our full attention to our clients. We face the future with confidence.”

The decision is the final chapter of the dispute that began when Remu filed suit against Waterking in 2012 for infringement of its patent.

Already in 2013, the District Court ruled that the patent is invalid. The Court of Appeal now confirms that decision: breadth-adjustable amphibious working machines as described in the patent already existed long before the patent.

The patent is therefore invalidated and all Remu’s claims are dismissed.

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