IADC Releases Updated Version of Building with Nature

The International Association of Dredging Contractors (IADC) has just announced that an updated version of ‘Facts About: Building with Nature’ is now available.

‘Facts About: Building with Nature’ talks about a design philosophy that uses natural processes (ecosystem services) to realize structures and to create benefits for society and nature at the same time.

“The updated Facts About discusses the concept of Building with Nature, the step-by-step approach of the concept and how the principles of Building with Nature can be applied to coastal zone management and other projects,” IADC said in its announcement.

The main driver of the Building with Nature alternative is an improved business case at the system level.

The maritime infrastructure developments combine their socio-economic purposes with an optimized performance on the physical and ecological system, aiming to create value to the physical, ecological and societal system.

In this way BwN solutions have an inherent focus on sustainable development.

Utilizing proper design and planning that provide and/or use ecosystem services (ES) promotes projects in which development and nature are part of an integrated environmental system.


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