IADC Releases June 2017 Edition of Terra et Aqua

Image source: IADC

The International Association of Dredging Companies (IADC) has just released the June 2017 edition of Terra et Aqua.

Terra et Aqua is a quarterly publication of the International Association of Dredging Companies, emphasizing “maritime solutions for a changing world”, IADC said.

It covers the fields of civil, hydraulic and mechanical engineering including the technical, economic and environmental aspects of dredging.

Coral spawning inside one of the ReefGuard’s aquaria during a 2015 spawning event in Coral Bay, Western Australia, Image source: IADC

This latest edition includes three new dredging-related articles relevant to the industry and a list of upcoming seminars and conferences.

“This June issue of Terra et Aqua features three articles pertaining to the dredging industry. Two of the articles in this edition deal with topics that have been especially gaining more attention over the past couple of decades in the industry – the environment and safety,” said Frank Verhoeven, IADC President.

“As marine infrastructure projects have an impact on the environment, dredging contractors and other stakeholders are increasingly working on solutions, especially in recent years, that will enable them to design and realize works in environmentally sensitive areas. Some contractors are taking their efforts even further by implementing initiatives to help the environment specifically around dredging projects.”

These three new dredging-related articles are:

Reefguard: A scientific approach to active reef rehabilitation

ReefGuard is a mobile coral breeding facility provides a highly controlled environment to aid in integrating the breeding and outplanting of corals.

This article gives a detailed look into how the researchers from Van Oord proved that small-scale coral breeding techniques can be scaled-up and applied in practice to promote environmental gain around marine infrastructure projects.

Safety on site

One in five fatal accidents occur in construction and a high percentage of it involves a man on the ground.

This article explains how companies can significantly reduce the number of potential accidents on the construction site by implementing strict safety protocols; separating pedestrians and machinery on the site; and what employees can do to maintain a safe working environment.

Innovative modelling: A tool for coastal developments

The Port-La Nouvelle harbour, located in an inlet between Bages-Sigean lagoon and the Mediterranean coast is home to complex hydrodynamics.

A team of experts from ARTELIA developed an innovative package of five interacting hydro-sedimentary numerical models to assess the port expansion project.