IADC Delft Seminar Proves Success

Image source: IADC

The International Association of Dredging Companies’ (IADC) seminar on dredging and land reclamation took place last month in Delft, the Netherlands.

A group of 23 participants originating from 17 different countries attended the 55th seminar, hosted by IADC since 1993.

Each year in June, the seminar takes place at the IHE Institute for Water Education.

In addition to lectures on topics such as equipment, survey and soil investigation, participants went on a site visit to the Van Oord yard in Moerdijk.

They visited Artemis, the cutter suction dredger which is moored alongside the cable-laying vessel Nexus.

In the second half of the week, the participants competed in teams to generate the best tender for a site-specific dredging project.

The winning bid was produced by Hector Manzo Salazar, Ahmed Aiman Shareef, Jakob Schneider, Dmytro Nadieiev, Gustavo Manuel Portillo Martínez and Justine Holzman.

The next seminar takes place in Singapore from 2-6 October 2017.

Image source: IADC