Third Public Meeting on Hudson River Cleanup

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is about to hold another public meeting that will discuss the EPA’s second review of the cleanup of PCB-contaminated sediment in the upper Hudson River.

The meeting is set for August 9th and will take place at John Jay College in Midtown Manhattan. This is the third public meeting to present the findings of EPA’s second five-year review and to answer questions from the public.

On June 1, 2017, the EPA released for public comment its second five-year review report for the Hudson River PCBs Superfund site.

The second five-year review is the culmination of an eleven-month evaluation process which included collecting new data, conducting an objective analysis of project activities and a quantitative analysis of all available fish, water and sediment data.

The more than 1000-page report includes a detailed technical assessment and various technical data evaluations. The five-year review acknowledges that as many as eight or more years of post-dredging fish data may be needed to establish, with a high degree of confidence, a long-term statistical trend in levels of PCBs in the fish.

The EPA’s two-part cleanup plan called for the targeted environmental dredging of approximately 2.65 million cubic yards of PCB-contaminated sediment from a 40-mile stretch of the Upper Hudson River between Fort Edward and Troy, NY, followed by a period of monitored natural recovery.