Water Injection Dredging in Burry Port Underway

Work to dredge the Burry Port Harbor in Carmarthenshire – part of a £2 million improvement project – is now underway, according to BBC.

According to the report, a trial water injection dredging operation began at the harbor on Monday, September 11th.

The work comes as a part of the 10-year development plan that will transform the Carmarthenshire’s marina.

The specialist water injection dredger was brought to the harbor last weekend for a three-week project,”announced the Carmarthenshire Council’s board member for culture, sport and tourism, Cllr Peter Hughes Griffiths.

Water injection dredging uses water pumps connected to a series of nozzles on a horizontal jet bar. The nozzles inject large volumes of water at low pressure directly onto the sediment build up.

This process fluidises the sediment build up, turning it into a density current which is then able to flow horizontally out of the channel or port. This process eliminates the need for traditional excavation dredging methods and the subsequent transportation of the dredged material.

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