PHOTO: New Mud Cat for Greensville County Water and Sewer Authority

Image source: Mud Cat Dredges

Mud Cat Dredges, a division of Ellicott Dredge Technologies (EDT), said in its latest announcement that the Greensville County Water and Sewer has purchased another Mud Cat MC-20E for their wastewater treatment plant.

EDT has designed the Mud Cat™ product line to allow for remote control of the dredging operation via a portable hand-held transmitter called RADIO REMOTE SENSE™ (RMS).

RMS controls the following functions: power on/off, travel direction and speed, slurry pump on/off and speed (if equipped with VFD), auger on/off and dredging depth.

The hand-held transmitter may be operated more than 1,000 feet from the dredging unit.

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