NJ Intracoastal Waterway Dredging Operations Underway

Barnegat Bay Dredging Company recently began dredging of the shoals within the NJ Intracoastal Waterway (NJIWW).

According to the Stone Harbor (NJ), the company is using Dredge Fullerton to perform the NJIWW work near Markers 419 to 421.

The town also reported that apart from dredging operations, the project also includes sand placement on the Ring Island nesting bird habitat.

The Wetlands Institute is working to monitor site conditions and habitat usage.

Expected departure of the contractor from the site will be during the first week in March depending on project operations, the town said.

This use of dredge material for marsh restoration and the creation of wildlife habitat is a relatively new attempt to use such material for environmental benefit as sea level rise presents potential dangers to the sustainability of the increasingly important wetlands.