VIDEO: The Sustainability Agenda in Dredging Industry

As the CEDA-IADC Dredging for Sustainable Infrastructure Conference is approaching fast, we took the opportunity to interview Mr. Mark van Koningsveld, Professor Ports & Waterways at TU Delft, one of the co-authors of the CEDA-IADC guidebook that will be officially launched during the event.

The event – taking place on November 19-20th at the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam – will celebrate the launch of the publication Dredging for Sustainable Infrastructure.

This is the first time that we tried to make a guidance book that focuses not just on minimizing the negative effect of dredging projects, but really view dredging projects as on opportunity to create added value and collaboration with stakeholders that surround the project. That’s a new way of doing these kind of projects,” said Professor Mark van Koningsveld.

He continued by saying that it’s important to view beyond just the activity of the dredging itself, “but look at the momentum and the initiatives that flows from the developments projects and see how that can contribute to the wider region”.

The main contribution of this book is that it widens the scope of how you view sustainability around dredging projects,” added Mr. Mark van Koningsveld.