PHOTO: Watermaster Proves Success in Colombia

Image source: Watermaster

In order to restore an ecological condition and biodiversity and to secure the availability of clean drinking water and irrigation water for local communities, the Colombian Government has established a strategic plan for restoring the Lake Fuquene, in the north of Cundinamarca, Colombia.

The Autonomous Environmental Corporation of Cundinamarca – CAR was designated to be responsible for developing the lagoon system of Fuquene.

CAR, under the leadership of their director, Mr. Nestor Franco, has become known for its strong commitment to restoring and maintaining the environment, using the best technologies available.

After thorough research, CAR identified Watermaster as a machine with versatile multipurpose capabilities (multiple tools can be operated with the same machine) and excellent mobility (amphibious self-propelled machine that can work in very shallow waters and be transported by road in a trailer anywhere in the region without the need to disassemble the machine), and a Watermaster Classic V dredger was supplied to CAR by KHALELA SAS, the local Watermaster agent.

Watermaster technology has been present in Colombia since 2012 when the first machines were delivered.

From the very beginning, Watermaster has shown that it is a very useful asset for private and public companies executing projects with current limited budgets. Its mobility and multipurpose capabilities enable efficient and productive cleaning, restoring and maintaining of water bodies.

The Finnish company has just released this amazing photo of their dredgers during the Lake Fuquene cleanup operations.