Port Aransas Terminal Plan on Display, Dredging Included

Axis Midstream Holdings, LLC is proposing the construction of crude oil export facilities from Taft, San Patricio County, to Harbor Island with associated infrastructure and pipelines in the Corpus Christi Ship Channel in Port Aransas, Nueces County, Texas.

Image source: USACE

According to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the proposed project is located in several towns, waterways, and counties including Taft, Gregory, Ingleside, and Aransas Pass, in San Patricio County, Texas; the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway (GIWW); Redfish Bay; the Corpus Christi Ship Channel (CCSC); and terminates on Harbor Island in Port Aransas, Nueces County Texas.

The project components are composed of:

  • The Midway Tank Farm (Midway Facility) located south of the City of Taft, Texas;
  • The Aransas Pass Staging Facility (Aransas Facility) located west of the City of Aransas Pass;
  • A pipeline bundle that would connect the Aransas and Midway Facilities;
  • Harbor Island Loading Terminal (Harbor Island Terminal) located on the west side of the CCSC on Harbor Island in Port Aransas, Texas;
  • A pipeline bundle that would connect the Aransas and Harbor Island Facilities.

The installation of the proposed Midway to Aransas pipeline bundle will result in 13.94 acres of temporary trench and fill impacts in waters of the US, including wetlands.

The construction of the vessel berth would result in 70 acres of new work material being dredged and placed onsite for shoreline restoration and beneficial use (BU).

The deadline to request a public hearing on the newly announced Axis Midstream project is September 9, which is also the close of the public comment period.