Dredge Funding Announced for One Mile Creek

A lobbying effort by Hinchinbrook MP Nick Dametto has forced the Federal Coalition Government to come good on their election promise to allocate funding to go toward the dredging of Cardwell’s One Mile Creek.

Mr Dametto said that this morning’s expected announcement of $1.5 million for dredging was an important step forward in solving the multiple longstanding problems at Port Hinchinbrook.

It is understood that Cassowary Coast Regional Council will be the proponent for the project.

“Today’s announcement is the result of a combination of relentless lobbying by community groups and myself. It is very disappointing it has taken this long for the Federal Government to commit to helping Cardwell,” Mr Dametto said.

“It was clear that the Coalition had no real intention of following through on their original election promise of up to $1.5 million to dredge One Mile Creek until I made a personal representation on behalf of the community in Canberra when I met with Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack.

“During that meeting, he refused to commit to that promise, only for him to succumb and publicly commit in the media just days later after fierce backlash from the Cardwell community. Unfortunately, this is an example of how governments conduct themselves – they never act unless someone is there to force their hand.

“Let’s hope this funding is fully utilized for actual dredging and not chewed up in feasibility studies and consultancy fees, and is delivered without delay.”

Despite the politics behind the announcement, Mr Dametto said that dredging had been “a long time coming for the people of Cardwell.”


Photo: Cardwell’s One Mile Creek at low tide, Image source: nickdametto.com