Recruiting technical talent in offshore energy

Tips for recruiting technical talent in offshore energy

The labor market is on lockdown since the start of the corona crisis, however the first signs of change are starting to appear. One thing hasn’t changed though: the demand for technical personnel remains high globally, also in the offshore energy and renewable sector. So how do companies go about attracting and recruiting technical talent?

Recruiting technical talent in offshore energy

Recruiting technical talent in offshore energy
Recruiting technical talent in offshore energy

Changing society

Engineers are the most in-demand profession at this moment. This will not change soon: the changing society requires that even more organizations need to embrace technological innovations in order to stay relevant. Technical personnel are not known for actively looking for a job. Research has shown however that they do want to hear about new career developments and are open to interesting and challenging opportunities.  

Renewable energy

If we look at the offshore energy sector, the renewable energy industry could create more than a million jobs a year. According to the International Renewable Energy Agency, those jobs are created if countries invest to meet their target for cutting global carbon emissions. However, creating these jobs means more students and jobseekers need to choose a technical education and profession in the future. Therefore, for now, the shortage remains.

International Renewable Agency
International Renewable Agency

What’s important to technical talent

Jobseekers are increasingly looking for jobs that can make an impact. Working in renewables brings about a new level of job satisfaction: you are contributing to a better world. Besides making an impact, engineers and technical personnel also find it important for their job to challenge them so they can grow. They also want to work in a supportive environment where they can speak their mind.

Tips for recruiting technical personnel:

  • Make sure your company profile and story appeals to technical personnel. Show your most impressive projects. Have current employees tell their story on your corporate website. Is your HR department actively taking care of the personnel during the corona crisis? Describe how.
  • Publish your jobs: maximize visibility and post your job on online platforms. Personnel in the maritime, offshore, energy and renewables sector can be found on the job boards of,, and
  • Use your network and reach out: ask your current engineers to approach their personal network. Referrals are the easiest way to find new personnel.
  • What are your potential employees reading to stay up-to-date in their field of expertise? Find the niche platforms they read. Research advertising opportunities (advertorials, newsletters, banners etc). News in for example offshore wind, marine energy and green marine can be find on the news sites of platform.
  • Organize or participate in events for tech talent. Whether online or face-to-face, events are an opportunity to meet potential candidates and showcase your company culture. A great event to meet talent in the sector is the Navingo Career Event taking place on 27 and 28 October in Amsterdam. The event coincides with Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference.

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Want to maximise visibility for your job listing? Publish your job on the online platforms that your potential jobseekers use to catch up on news and vacancies from the sector. The job sections of Offshore Energy, Offshore Wind or Dredging Today can help you find qualified personnel in the maritime, offshore and energy sector worldwide. rn

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