USACE seeks input on Mississippi River island project

The USACE St. Paul District, will host a virtual public meeting on November 4, from 1-2 p.m., to introduce an island-building project the agency is proposing for the Mississippi River in Hastings, Minnesota.

The plan includes constructing a protective island near the Lock and Dam 2 upstream embankment to prevent erosion.

The island would reduce wind fetch and ice action during both low and high-water conditions.

Also, the island would be armored with rock to minimize erosion and protect the embankment that separates the Mississippi River and Lake Rebecca.

In addition to minimizing erosion concerns, the island would include environmental benefits such as providing an emergent wetland area, a fish overwintering area and varying elevations that would sustain different vegetation types.

Varying vegetation types would result in different terrestrial habitat, allowing for a greater variety of native species.

For the island construction, a contractor will use river dredged materials, i.e. sand, collected near Hastings. 

The public comment period ends November 13, 2020.

Photo: USACE