Fehmarnbelt dredging training by Anthony D Bates

In advance of the commencement of dredging operations next year, the Fehmarnbelt Link dredging management team has undertaken training.

Anthony D Bates Partnership (ADBP) was engaged to provide the bespoke training on matters relevant to the dredging operations to be undertaken from 2021.

The training included a comprehensive discussion on cost estimating and the use of the CIRIA publication, ‘Guide to cost standards for dredging equipment’ as well as contractual maters pertaining to dispute avoidance and assessment.

The 18 km immersed Fehmarnbelt Link will connect Denmark and Germany and be the world’s longest road and rail tunnel.

A trench for the tunnel must first be dug in the seabed in order to build the Fehmarnbelt link.

This trench will be up to 60 meters wide, 16 meters deep and 18 kilometers long. In total, some 19 million cubic meters of stone and sand will be excavated from the seabed.

Also, this will be used to establish approximately three square kilometers of new natural areas on Lolland and, to a lesser extent, on Fehmarn.

The dredging works are due to be undertaken by Fehmarn Belt Contractors (FBC), a joint venture between Boskalis International B.V. and Van Oord Dredging and Marine Contractors B.V.

Photo: Femern A/S

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