Spring dredging works in the Cowes

Cowes Harbour Commission (CHC) has just released this photo of the Poole-based contractor Jenkins Marine carrying out spring dredging works in the harbour.

The contractor is performing a routine maintenance dredge of Shepards Marina ahead of the season, which for operational reasons is coinciding with various other dredging works.

These works include a maintenance dredge at UKSA, and dredging to prepare for Wight Shipyard’s construction of a larger capacity hoist dock.

The works are being carried out by the dredge barge Doreen Dorward, with the spoil being deposited into the split hopper barges Nab and Needles.

“Jenkins Marine are using their dredge barge and two split hopper barges, which will regularly transit the fairway, inbound and outbound. Harbour users are advised to keep well clear of the dredging operations and navigate with caution in the vicinity of the dredge works,” said CHC in the release.

Dredging operations, which started in late February, are expected to continue until Wednesday 31st March 2021 depending upon weather conditions.

Photo: Cowes Harbour Commission