Webinar on Mid-Chesapeake Bay Island Ecosystem Restoration

Port of Baltimore together with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will tomorrow, Wednesday night at 5:30 pm, hold a webinar on the Mid-Chesapeake Bay Island Ecosystem Restoration project.

Port of Baltimore

The purpose of this webinar is to provide information and discuss the Mid-Bay restoration project, a future dredged material placement site that will restore and expand beneficial island habitat in the Chesapeake.

This initiative will rebuild long-eroded James and Barren islands near Dorchester County with sediment dredged from channels leading to the Port of Baltimore. It will create new habitat and provide much-needed shoreline protection.

Working with the Army Corps, up to 95 million cubic yards of sediment that would provide 30 years of capacity could begin next year.

Maintaining the shipping channels in the Chesapeake Bay, Baltimore Harbor, and the Chesapeake & Delaware Canal for massive ships is a massive job. Every year, nearly 5 million cubic yards of sediment are dredged from these channels and anchorages just to maintain their current depths and widths.