Tender awarded for Mersey Point seawall construction

At the ordinary Council meeting last week, the City of Rockingham Council awarded a tender to Neo Civil for the replacement and extension of the existing limestone seawall by a new granite seawall at Mersey Point in Shoalwater.


The contract for the project is worth $1.9 million and will involve the demolition and removal of the existing limestone seawall, with a new 325m granite seawall to be constructed in its place.

Works on the seawall are expected to begin in September 2021 once the worst of the winter weather has subsided.  

City of Rockingham Mayor, Barry Sammels, said that recent erosion in the area, combined with the potential for further erosion as outlined in the City’s Coastal Hazard Risk Management Adaptation Plan, meant action needed to be taken to rectify the issue.

Construction of the project has been fully funded under the Australian Government’s Local Roads and Community Infrastructure program.