A-frame dredger for Marnix project in Amsterdam

Mobilis is currently building an underground parking lot for Amsterdam council, right under the Singelgracht canal in the center of Amsterdam: the Singelgracht garage-Marnix.


This is an ambitious project for which Voorbij Funderingstechniek was commissioned to provide the foundations. 

Applying the grout anchors to the bottom of the Singelgracht releases grout that naturally has to be removed. Bell Dredging was brought in to do this.

“After a week-long trial, in which we demonstrated with the aid of a self-developed A-frame dredger that we were able to remove the grout in this way, we were awarded the final contract,” said Luca Stoop, rental manager at Bell Dredging.

Self-sufficient A-frame dredger

“In just three weeks we developed a completely self-sufficient A-frame dredger for this project. It consists of three pontoons with an A-frame at the front in the middle to which our Bell 100 dredge pump is attached,” added Stoop.

Bell photo

Also, the power pack (to drive the pump) and the water jet pump (to jet the material from the bottom) are located on the pontoons. Only one operator is needed to control the dredger.

The dredger lies in the water and is fixed to the sheet piles with a wire from each corner, allowing the dredger to move like a water strider.