EPA about to begin another cleanup project in New Jersey

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently finalized its cleanup/dredging plan to address waterbodies of the Sherwin-Williams/Hilliards Creek Site in Gibbsboro, Lindenwold, and Voorhees, New Jersey.

According to EPA, the final decision – in the form of a Record of Decision (ROD) – calls for the dredging of contaminated sediment, along with the excavation and capping of floodplain soil at Kirkwood Lake (Voorhees and Lindenwold), Silver Lake, Bridgewood Lake and Hilliards Creek (Gibbsboro).

“Finalizing this cleanup plan, which reflects close coordination with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, allows us to move forward with our continuing work to protect the communities impacted by this and the other associated sites,” said acting Regional Administrator Walter Mugdan.

Under the plan, 128,000 cubic yards of contaminated sediment will be dredged from Silver Lake, Bridgewood Lake, Kirkwood Lake, and Hilliards Creek. EPA will also oversee the construction of a system to temporarily divert streams during the cleanup work.

The EPA plan also requires that about 42,000 cubic yards of the top two feet of soil located within the floodplain areas be removed and capped. The cleanup plan provides for treatment, transport and disposal of excavated sediment and soil off-site at a permitted facility.

EPA will also put institutional controls in the form of deed restrictions into place. EPA will conduct a review within five years to ensure the effectiveness of the cleanup. The estimated cost of this cleanup is approximately $90 million.

Photo: EPA