Poole Yacht Club dredging in full swing

Dredging is now underway at Poole Yacht Club to clear the entrance of accumulated sediment – this has built up since the last dredge operations in 2014, Jenkins Marine said.


Vessels on site for the work include the self-propelled, spudleg, workboat Doreen Dorward, equipped with a 50t long reach excavator for dredging operations.

“She is perfect for near shore precision operations. Also attending is our 300t, self-propelled, split hopper barge Nab. This combination allows for an optimised, tried and tested dredge solution where access in and around marinas is limited,” said Jenkins.

The designated dredge disposal site is located in Poole Harbour at Brownsea Roads which provide a quick and efficient turn around to fall in line with the harbour license arrangements.

The dredging was optimised with the use of the Jenkins digital dredge system to ensure that an accurate and high quality finish is achieved.