CEDA-IADC fact sheet: Beneficial Use of Dredged Material

The IADC-CEDA recently published a Fact Sheet titled “Beneficial Use of Dredged Material” which describes methods and answers questions about how to deal with large quantities of sediments in relation to dredging projects and ecological developments.


Dredging is essential for the maintenance and development of waterways and ports, as well as navigation, land reclamation, environmental and ecosystem improvement, drainage and flood management.

This important activity removes large volumes of sediments that need to be appropriately managed. For this, beneficial use is the preferred way to manage dredged material.

This so called beneficial use concerns the use of dredged or natural sediment in applications that are beneficial and in harmony with human and natural development.

Considering the importance of this for humans and the environment at large, the Fact Sheet ‘Beneficial Use of Dredged Material’ answers essential questions such as:

  • What is Beneficial Use of Dredged Material?
  • Why is Beneficial Use of Dredged Material necessary?
  • Why is Beneficial Use not yet a common practice?
  • How can Beneficial Use be implemented in a dredging project?
  • What types of Beneficial Use are available?
  • Is the future of using Dredged Material beneficially?

The document is accessible for everyone to read and/or download for free.