Tweed River entrance dredging complete

The Tweed River entrance is subject to shoaling due to the net longshore sand drift movement, which occurs off the east coast of Australia.

Rohde Nielsen

Combined with strong currents and wave action, this shoaling can be dangerous for navigation. Maintenance dredging was therefore required at the mouth of the Tweed River Entrance Channel.

Keeping the entrance safe and clear of sand is vital for the commercial and recreational boating community. It allows commercial fishermen access to the ocean as well as providing tourism operators, commercial yachts and other recreational water users continued and safe passage.

Rohde Nielsen’s hopper dredger Viking R has just completed the Tweed River 2022 maintenance dredging campaign.

The work consisted of removing material from the entrance and strategically placing it within approved placement areas, to supply sand for beach nourishment purposes. A compliant channel was achieved to support navigational safety.