TSHD Trud R kicks off Fremantle Ports dredging scheme

Maintenance dredging of Fremantle’s Inner Harbor is now underway, according to the Fremantle Ports, Western Australia.

Photo courtesy of Fremantle Ports

The maintenance dredging, developed and planned over the last two years, will remove sediments that have accumulated in the Inner Harbor from the Swan River estuary since capital dredging was undertaken in 2010.

Over the next two weeks, ship spotters will be able to see the hopper dredger Trud R removing the sediment from the Inner Harbor.

In 2024, around 60,000m3 of sediments is planned to be removed from the harbor (plus additional 5,000m3 of sediments annually from 2025-29).

The dredging will allow safe access for ships into the Inner Harbor and ensure the berths remain deep enough for larger container vessels.