Register for the IADC conference on Sustainable Financing in Dubai

How can private capital accelerate the green transition in marine and freshwater infrastructure, is the overarching question that will be explored at the IADC conference “Financing Sustainable Marine and Freshwater Infrastructure” on Thursday, 9 February 2023 in Dubai, UAE.


At this 1-day conference, IADC aims to create awareness that there is a need to clarify sustainable concepts and associated financial structures in order to familiarise the financial sector with the financing of green coastal, river and port projects and develop ideas to bring this to mainstream infrastructure investment asset classes.

But more important, to provide an opportunity for further dialogue between the marine and freshwater infrastructure industry and the financial sector.

The conference is based on the report ‘Financing Sustainable Marine and Freshwater Infrastructure: A joint study to explore financing of green coastal, river and port projects’, exploring what is needed in order to improve the connection between green-labelled funds and sustainable waterborne infrastructure projects.

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To find out more details on the conference, programme content, logistics and how to register, visit the event website.