Maintenance dredging of the Port Solent Approaches

ML (UK) Dredging Ltd has begun routine maintenance dredging of the Port Solent Approaches.

ML Dredging

According to the KHM Portsmouth, the dredging started on the 28 March 2023, with completion due by late April 2023.

The vessels conducting this task are the “WITTON II” or “BOXER” (backhoe dredgers) which will display the appropriate signals from the COLREGS when conducting their operations, added the KHM Portsmouth.

Spoil from the dredging vessels is loaded into one of two self-propelled barges, “SPLIT TWO” or “SPLIT THREE” for disposal to the NAB Spoil Ground.

Last year, ML Dredging removed over 8000 tonnes of silt and mud from the channel, ensuring smooth passage with a depth of 1.5m below chart datum.